About US

Organization for development and promotion of the martial art Aikido. In relation with the Aikido World Headquarters - Aikikai Hombu in Tokio, Japan.

About us

2006 - Present

All our policies are in accordance with the International rules issued by Hombu dojo, Aikikai Foundation, Tokio, Japan.

Apart from the legaly needed governance body, the federation has established a Techical commision which is in charge of the technical aspects of aikido.

Membership in the federation is individual, but conditioned by being an active member of a dojo which is affiliated with the federation.

Mission & VIsion

Our main goal is implementation of the international quality standards and methodologies in teaching Aikido in the spirit of its founder Morihei Ueshiba.


Can aikido be used for self-defence?
Yes. It is a martial art with full pallete of "tools" for self-defence.
Is there an age limit for starting aikido?
How long will it take to learn aikido?
Is aikido conected with the Japanese religion Shinto?


Creative in research and teaching.

Connect with us

str. Nikaol Tesla 2/2-26, Skopje, 1000, Macedonia

  • dummy+389 (70) 764066

  • dummy+389 (2) ******

  • dummy office@aikikai.org.mk

Bank account

Receiver: Aikikai MKD - Skopje
Address: Njudelhiska 4/4-19 Skopje
Bank: Komercijalna banka AD - Skopje
Account no: 300000002348115


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