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Michele Quaranta

Michele Quaranta Shihan



Born on 24th of December 1953.

Education: Economy High School

Languages that he speaks: Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and English.

Aikido: Starting in 1972, he has been practicing aikido continually ever since. He holds the rank of 6th Dan in aikido. He was a student and assistant (uke) of Masatomi Ikeda sensei for 20 years and followed him to almost all his seminars.

Professional profile: He was a professional football player in FC Nordstern (premier league) in the past. He was working as a professional football coach for a certain period of time, and also worked as a bank clerk. Finally he turns professionally towards aikido. For 20 years he was continuously an assistant of M. Ikeda sensei. After the retirement of Ikeda sensei from the active aikido life in 2001, Quaranta sensei continues to teach and to spread out the aikido by the methodology inherited from M. Ikeda sensei.

Aikido schools: He founded his own dojo in Basel (Switzerland) in 1983 (

Internationally, he is known as the Technical manager and member of the technical committees of various countries which appreciate his ability and dedication to aikido. All over Europe there are numerous schools that he mentors.

Apart from aikido he is also teaching HOJO (a discipline developed at the famous school Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage Ryu which exists from the 14th century.

Seminars: He holds aikido seminars in these countries: Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, Ireland, Slovakia, Czech, Netherlands, Ukraine, Macedonia, Egypt, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ireland and G. Britain.

Hobbies: music and gastronomy.

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